How to join in the Main Quiz Activity?

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After subscribing to the Learn to Earn Subscription, users can participate in the Main Quiz, an activity designed to test knowledge, accumulate points, earn coins, or various rewards.

Explanation of the Main Quiz

Main Quiz: These quizzes are found in each article or video content. They serve as a test to gauge the learner's understanding of the studied material. Learners can accumulate points to redeem rewards or receive Airdrop coins from supporting partners.

How to Participate in the Main Quiz

  1. Access the Main Page: Go to the main page of the website and click on the “Quiz” button.

  2. Search for Articles: Use the search bar to find the article you want to take a quiz on.

  3. Select an Article: Click to select the article for which you want to take the quiz.

  4. Take the Quiz: Answer questions related to the article.

  5. Submit Answers: After completing the quiz, click the “Finish” button.

  6. Check Scores: The system will display the number of correct answers and the points (Points) earned.

With this approach, users will experience a more engaging learning process, testing their knowledge and earning rewards through participation in the Main Quiz at Bitkub Academy.







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