Didn't receive an Airdrop from the Main Quiz

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Didn't receive an Airdrop from the Main Quiz

If a Bitkub Academy member correctly answers the Main Quiz questions but does not automatically receive the Airdrop in their Bitkub NEXT wallet, they can follow these steps to report the issue:

Details Required from the User

  • User's email address.

  • Phone number used for Bitkub Next registration.

  • Name of the Main Quiz attempted (along with a screenshot of answering the questions).

  • Amount of Airdrop not received.

Submitting Details to Bitkub Academy's Contact Channels

  1. Visit the website at https://support.bitkubacademy.com/ and select "Submit a ticket".

  2. Category: Choose “Report an issue”.

  3. Sub Category: Select “Learn and Earn Activity (Main Quiz)”.

  4. Item: Choose “Did not receive Airdrop”.

  5. Description: Fill in all the required details completely.

Example of Reporting an Issue

Email: academy@bitkub.com

Phone Number: 090-1234567

Name of Main Quiz: What is USDC? Why is it one of the safest Stablecoins?

Amount of Airdrop Not Received: 10 KUSDC


I participated in the Main Quiz 'What is USDC? Why is it one of the safest Stablecoins?' and answered the question correctly, but did not receive the 10 KUSDC as expected.

Attached is the screenshot of the Main Quiz attempted.

[Attach screenshot of Main Quiz]

The Bitkub Academy team will review and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Additional Steps After Resolution by Customer Service

If the issue has been resolved by customer service, you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Go to the Main Quiz that you have already completed.

  2. Retake the quiz > After completion, you will see the quiz results.

  3. Click on the icon in the top right corner ?.

  4. Resubmit your answers.

  5. Completion. Check the rewards in the BitkubNEXT wallet within 30-60 minutes.







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